Special machinery

We supply assembly and testing devices from a single source. Our plant engineering designs and manufactures according to your wishes and offers you with our many years of experience an optimal design with the highest quality requirements.

From the joint creation of specifications, design, production, programming and commissioning to service, you receive the complete solution for your automation. Whether pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical, your work processes are implemented precisely and ensure high plant availability through the combination of state-of-the-art measuring and testing systems.

⬛   Individual solutions

Automatic hot riveting system

  • Plant for hot riveting (tempering stamp) plastic components

Testing device

  • Semi-automatic device for flanging and testing plastic chambers for medical technology
Sondermaschinen Modulare Fertigungszellen

Modular production cells

  • Basic devices for the production of electrical components
  • Units can be easily arranged in rows
  • Communication takes place via QR code on the workpiece carriers
Sondermaschinen Rundtischmontage

Rotary table assembling of valve parts

  • Fully automatic device for assembling valve parts
  • Integrated camera inspection

Mounting of contacts in sensor housings

  • Contacts are provided by coils
  • Contacts are cut off the strip and installed in a monitored manner
  • Sensor housings are provided via sorting conveyors
  • Storage in packaging units
Sondermaschinen Heißnietvorrichtung

Hot riveting apparatus

  • Servo-pneumatic basic device for welding various plastic components

Clip assembly

  • Fully automatic joining via a "Scara" robot from clamps to plastic carrier parts
  • Integrated camera inspection and labeling station

Socket assembly

  • Fully automatic assembly of contact sockets in injection moulded parts
  • Integrated force and contact testing

Pre-assembly of plug contact

  • Fully automatic pre-assembly of plastic pins in plastic carrier systems for plug-in systems
  • Integrated force and displacement measurement
Braun Bottom Key Element

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